SEPTEMBER 7-8 2019



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A company set up by four close friends, whose vision is to organise a variety of premium events in which a portion of proceeds will always be donated to charity.

Core Values

Fair Play

We would also like to highlight the importance of the real value of sports – Fair Play. Fair play is a concept that promotes our fundamental values that are equally important in sports as they are in our daily lives. We are firm believers in sportsmanship!


Our intention is to organise the most exciting corporate event in Malta. This is an industry-team building event which will not only encourage competition but will also bring the industries closer, resulting in long-lasting personal and business relationships.

Fintech – the Future

We are the future! We truly consider all three sectors as growth multipliers for the local economy. We also consider Fintech to be an area which will definitely affect the whole population, either directly or indirectly in the near future.


Football is the most popular sport in Europe. We value the sport and its power of bringing people together. Our aim is to host a yearly football event which will connect the ambassadors of the three fastest growing sectors in Malta.

Foundation – Charity

Apart from our strong desire to be pioneers in bringing local giants together, we also hope for an opportunity to help those who are less fortunate than us. Together, let’s play football, let‘s have fun, let’s form friendships, let’s educate and create business opportunities for one another, and most importantly let’s be humanitarian too.



For the first time this year, the organisers are introducing an IFR Champions Cup – Women’s Charity Edition. This tournament will be played in a 5-a-side format with teams comprising of a minimum of 6 players and maximum of 10 players. There are up to 12 places available so hurry up and book yours.



We are delighted to share with you three special minutes of footage from our first edition last year, the 2018 IFR Champions Cup. It was a terrific experience for the whole team, and we at For a Cause Events are excited to host you again this year.

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IFR Champions Cup is a great concept that allows people from three most influential industries in Malta (iGaming, Fintech and Real Estate) to gather, network and compete, building their team spirit and having fun at the same time.

We at Trustly are happy to be part of such an event that gathers some of our biggest partners and clients, at the same time having a charitable side to it

Mr. Vasilije LekovicDirector of Gaming Accounts, Trustly

It’s been a great pleasure working with the team from, For a Cause Events, on such a fun and professionally organised event. Our team always enjoys it and it feels even better that it’s always for a good cause. Catena Media is proud to sponsor the IFR Champions Cup

Mr. Damien AzzopardiBranding & Events Specialist, Catena Media

We’re looking forward to working with the team from, For a Cause Events, on the second edition of the IFR Champions Cup. Whilst there’s a lot of work to do, we’re in no doubt that a great event can be expected thanks to the teams’ professional approach.  Auto Sales Ltd – Kind’s is proud to sponsor and be involved with the IFR Champions Cup – 2019 edition!

Mr. Mark Testaferrata Moroni VianiMarketing Manager, Kind’s – Auto Sales


2018 IFR & Beyond Magazine

This 1st issue of the ‘IFR & Beyond’ magazine features some great and insightful interviews and articles from experts in their respective fields, who we were honoured to have as guest speakers at the Opening Ceremony. In this 1st edition too, one can also find interviews with members of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams as well as with individual award winners. An eye-fest of photo collages from the event should make for a more memorable publication.

2019 IFR & Beyond Magazine

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